Driveway to the property...overrun by grass.

Shot of fallen tree from middle of driveway.

The firepit.

Half of the tree that fell where the camper would have been.

The other half of the tree.

Outhouse...still standing.

Shot from edge of clearing into the woods.

From the top of the driveway of the pretty car in the street.

The front.

The side.

The back.

This area used to be an overlook for the hidden by trees.

Picture taken for Dawn. Me by the "Heather" street sign.

House currently being built in Swiss Village East.

A finished house in SVE.

The Edelweis street sign.

House on Edelweis, 4-5 lots down.

Side view of the lodge from the car.

High shot from a road behind the lodge.

Same as above.

Same as above.

Upgraded tennis court with basketball hoops. Would've been nice when we were younger.

From Schuss Mountain Road. Newly paved entrance to Swiss Village East.

Side shot of "our" side of Shanty Creek.

Shot from the road of "our" side of Shanty Creek.

Shot from the road from the "other" side of Shanty Creek.

Grand Am Was Here.

Shanty Creek from further down Schuss Mountain Road in woods.

Same as above, opposite side of road.

Public access point from Intermediate Lake. Taken from car since it was raining.

Lake Bellaire.

Lake Bellaire picnic area.

Lake Bellaire with the moon in the morning.

Lake Bellaire.

Lake Bellaire.

Lake Bellaire

Lake in the Woods.

Lake in the Woods.

Final shot of driveway on the second day.

Shot from the end of the driveway up towards the clearing on the second day.

Shanty Creek Resort main building.